Ceramic Digital is a specialist company that creates ceramic transfers and low volume bespoke ceramic products for a variety of functional and/or experimental uses.  We offer a cost effective  service for artists and creative individuals that wish to produce 'one-off' or low volumes of unique ceramic items.

Our business incorporates a quick turnaround digital print service for customers that have access to their own kilns and simply wish to purchase transfers only, we also offer a concept to completion service, where customers supply the design and a preferred ceramic item that they would like to print onto.  We will produce the prints, decorate the ceramic object and high fire them in our own kilns to create a finished functional ceramic object.

We specialise in low volume ceramic products and pride ourselves in being able to offer complete flexibility and reliability to meet even the most demanding customers requirements and deadlines, contact us for further information either by phone: 01782 658067 or email:

Our customer base is extremely varied and whether you are looking for a one-off gift, promotional item or looking for a short run of bespoke ceramics for a commercial application, if its a glazed ceramic object we can print onto it.  Its important to note that our process works only on white or neutral coloured ceramics, if the ceramic object has a dark glaze then this is likely to overpower the colours in the transfer film.  This process is a true ceramic print process which should not be confused with other print types that are used on ceramics, such as dye sublimation, our process has to be fired at a temperature range of between 800-900 degrees C,  this softens the glaze on the ceramic object and the ceramic pigment in the transfer film fuses to the glazed item and once cooled it's as permanent as any other ceramic fired decorating process.  Other processes are only heated to 300 degrees C and you have to use a coated ceramic object and these objects do not produce a permanent finish, items such as these will fade, degrade and you would be able to scratch the design from the ceramic object.  If you have any queries we would be happy to receive your call, advice is Free!